Saturday, 29 July 2017


The world is such an undeniably large place but I don't think you truly understand the scale of it until you travel somewhere completely different to your home.

This month I stepped right out of my comfort zone and hopped on my first international flight to the weird and wonderful land of China. It was an incredible two weeks of fun with such a fantastic bunch of people. We packed a lot into those two weeks and saw so many amazing things.

We started off in Beijing, staying outside the city centre in what appeared to me as equally as busy. We travelled to China Agricultural University, Beijing Agricultural University, the Australian Embassy and several farms surrounding Beijing whilst there. Some of the highlights in Beijing included the wet meat market; a crazy selection of meat layed out on tables displayed for purchase where the locals snapped up anything from cuts of pork to cow intestines.

The summer palace and the Beijing Olympic Stadium were also some amazing sights to see whilst there, as well as the incredible local acrobatics show at the Beijing theatre.

The Great Wall of China was definitely a stand out, despite the incredible heat, the views at the Mutianyu point of the wall were incredible and the photos just do not do it justice. The toboggan ride down the side of the mountain was loads of fun too!

The food in Beijing was incredible, we were spoilt with an immensely diverse range of Chinese dishes everywhere we went. My personal favourite was the absolutely monstrous sized dishes of noodles, which at most restaurants would set us back  $3 AUD which blew my mind. We literally ate the noodles in the second picture 4 times they were just that good! The quality of the food was also incredible, the Chinese take such pride in the food that they produce and it really I'm missing those noodles right now!!!

After a week in Beijing, we jumped on a train a took a 4 hour ride to Xi'an. It was sad to leave our new friends in Beijing but exciting to be going to see another incredible place. Plus it was kind of nice to leave the insane traffic behind. The city of Xi'an was also so full of life and culture. The terracotta warriors were one of the first things we saw and they were amazing, the detail and sheer amount of statues still being uncovered even when we were there was unbelievable.

I also loved riding a tandem bike across the Xi'an city wall and visiting the buddist temple.

The Muslim street markets were another highlight, extremely hectic and eye opening with carcasses being boned out in the 40 degree heat in the middle of the street to shop keepers trying to sell you absolutely anything for waay more than its worth. It is a must visit location if you are ever lucky enough to visit Xi'an.

Having never used chopsticks before this trip, I can happily say I have gone from absolute pre-beginner to having moderately intermediate chopstick skills which I am quite proud of. I also cannot emphasize enough how beautiful and culturally diverse China is. It is such a wonderful, historic and incredible place full of friendly people and extraordinary things. If you are ever considering or get the opportunity to travel to this wonderful place, do not hesitate, it really is amazing.

You can check out my China Travel Vlog in the link below!
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