February 11, 2016

As some of you may know I have started off 2016 with Rival Racing and their many co-sponsors. I love the brand, the bikes and the people involved with the Rival teams here in Australia so it was an obvious yes from me.

I chose the White frame with black decals and I am extremely happy with the way it turned out. I have been on the bike for about a month now and I have made my first Elite National Series final and won the 2016 Hill BMX Tri Series since being on the bike.

The frame I'm on is a Pro plus which is perfect.

I'm pretty much running everything else that I had previously on my old frame aside from a few new little things,

I currently have S&M bars and S&M chromoly forks at the moment which I love. I've always had carbon forks but I've been loving these forks.

I still have my Shimano DXR cranks which I love and Shimano pedals as well.

The tyres I'm running at the moment are Tioga Powerblocks with Envy rims by SunRingle and Profile hubs and my seat is a pivotal D-Spyder seat also from Tioga

So far very happy with the way my new frame is running, looks great and rides even better so definitely check out Rival Racing for the full range of colours and sizes.

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