2015 BMX National Championships

May 18, 2015

National Championships were a huge success. Every year, BMX Australia hosts the event allowing Australia's best BMXer's to race against each other for the chance at the National Title. This year, the event was held at the Sleeman Sports Complex in Chandler, Brisbane. Sleeman easily takes out the award for the most amazing sporting facility I've ever competed at. There is everything there all in the same spot from Gymnastics to swimming to BMX. Particularly the BMX track really couldn't be faulted, especially after holding up so well in the crazy conditions and torrential rain.
Upon arrival the city greeted us with bright lights and busy night life. We got one day in of nice weather at the Pre-Nationals before an afternoon of ongoing rain the next day. The first ever cancellation of a National Series event that I have ever experienced went ahead after my first two motos. Everyone was fairly dissapointed but definitely happy to be out of the weather. We all hoped for some good weather but Friday did not follow through with our wishes. After practise, the event got called off and was being postponed until the next day, challenge classes to be run in the program with pro classes in the National Championships event. Again, everyone went home with disappointment and hope that we'd be granted some good weather on Saturday. Surely enough, with a great amount of luck we woke up to wet pavement and sunshine. Everyone was ready to race and take advantage of the nice day. After a tough first moto I managed to pull it together and place 3rd in my next two motos putting me into the final event. Making it into the final was honestly such a great moment for me. I hadn't made it into a national final for some time and after all the hard work that I've been putting in this year, it was finally paying off. Going into the final, I just had one thing in my head, go hard. I managed to dodge a crash on the first straight and was in third place coming into the first corner, there was a massive crash behind me but again I wasn't having any part of it and managed to come away 3rd in Australia.
All in all it was an amazing week. Huge thanks to everyone at BMX Australia, Sleeman Sports Complex and all the volunteers for putting on such a fantastic event and thanks to my family, mum and dad for always pushing me to be the best I can be and to my brother Scott who is my brother, coach and riding buddy all in one, thanks for keeping it fun!

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